Endorsement of our experience

In the quest for continual improvement, it is our duty to give the best of ourselves in order to attain excellence as a company.
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Business excellence

Our past, present, and future have been pinned on this mindset, and it is this adherence that has helped us to be considered as leaders in the industry.

Some of the trademarks that GP Group has stuck to in order to become one of the 500 most important companies in Mexico are: Leadership, Straight Forward Communication, Solid Organizational Structure, Work Satisfaction, Steady Growth, Social Responsibility, Motivation, Good Work Conditions, a good scheme of Wages and Incentives, and having the right tools, in order to improve the performance of our team.

500 most important companies in Mexico, 2013 

OBRAS 100 2013

GP Group got 3rd place in the job generation category with 4,556 direct Jobs; likewise, it came 1st place in Commercial & Office Building; and also 1st place in Industrial Facilities. It got 3rd place in Highways, Roads and Bridges’ sales against competitors; and 1st place in Assembly of Structures and Exteriors, as well as in Foundations and Assembly of Prefabs, among others.

The largest construction companies in Mexico

Obras 2012

This year GP Group obtained the Obras Award thanks to the excellent performance of the Roberto Garza Sada Arts Center project, in Santa Catarina, State of Nuevo Leon, designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando.

A great year for GP Group and their team..

Expansión 2011

GP Group prides itself to be counted among the 500 most important companies of Mexico, in place 212, with projects like the Monterrey Soccer Stadium, the Magna Industrial Facility in San Luis Potosi, the Sonoma Residential Development in Nuevo Leon and the City Mayor’s Office in Torreon, to mention only some; these were some of the projects which helped the Group position itself within this ranking.

Obras 2011

It is an honor for GP Group to have been awarded the trophy of the Obras Awards, which symbolizes the inspiration of humans to utilize materials within their reach and turn them into versatile means of architectural and building expression, in projects with the highest standards of efficiency and sustainable construction.

Obras 2010

The construction of the Mexico City Arena was one of the projects that helped GP Construccion to obtain this famed award..





Expansión 2008

We came out in place 128 of the ranking, thanks to projects for customers like Whirlpool, Halliburton and LG among others.

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